Listen to Daddy

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Happy Pride, mixed by Borja Peña

Borja Has done a new mix to get us all dancing for the first daddy issues party in Los Angeles




Daddy issues Spotify playlist for Grindr

Our resident Daddy Borja Peña curated this exclusive Spotify playlist for Grindr plays, his concept "Daddy love and songs that make you warm inside " play loud while you are waiting for the daddy of your dreams.


Daddy issues "This Is Electric" radio show with Bouffant Bouffant 

Our Special Guest for Daddy issues #7 All the way from New Orleans, listen to the underground sound of the deep south


The Men Who Fell To Earth exclusive mix for "This is Electric" Radio show

Our legendary guests for Daddy issues #8 take you on a music journey


Daddy Issues "This Is Electric" radio show

Our resident daddy's boy James Barlett set at Daddy Issues #5 was recorded live by ThisIsElectric radio, London's dance power station, listen to his sexy sounds and relive the madness of the party.


The Legendary Tasty Tim exclusive mix for our "this is Electric" Radio show

Read the interview and listen to the show




Introducing our Los Angeles resident Mike Etc

Listen to this exclusive mix 

Resident Jeff Kirkwood exclusive live mix at Daddy Issues 

Daddy Jeff got us all dancing like there is no tomorrow at Tipsy

listen to his set and relive the madness